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10 ways to understand how Men communicate.

10 ways to understand how Men communicate, One of the main causes of conflicts in marriage and relationships is the lack of knowledge concerning the difference between men and women. Very few spouses realise that women and men are different on many levels than the biological aspects. Understanding these differences, for example, emotional and behavioural, can improve relationships drastically. In fact, understanding our difference can help males and females complement one another within a relationship. So here are the 10 ways to understand how Men communicate. 

1. Most men speak more slowly and rarely raise their voice than women, this is so because it’s their nature, men think before saying anything and mostly want to monitor their speech, so has to know if they are inspiring or not, win conversations.
2. Men speak in facts, without going into much detail and without resorting to drama as women do mostly when talking, for example, if you happen to ask a man how his day was the response might just be “my day was hectic” without saying what really mage it so busy.
3. Men tend to be dominated by the left side of the brain, that part that is logic, analysis and competitiveness, the productive side of life.
4. Men prefers to speak about things, events and facts, unlike women who tend to speak about people and emotional feeling. So next your spot your partner avoiding conversation about people, and feelings just understand him. 🙂
5. Men tend to use singular terms (my house, my children, my car) this is so because, the man is the head of the house and everything in it is under him or under his authority including his lovely wife, children and all the property.
6. Men tends to focus on objective conversations and avoid showing their feeling, emotions and experience… you will hardly see a man crying or find him sharing his personal experience in the open and this is also the main reason why most men are not good with job interviews where you disclose a lot about personal issues.
7. Men sparingly use attention indicators like winking the eye, because most men consider them womanly and not manly.
8. Men do not like maintaining constant eye contact when talking or chatting unless they are scanning and checking facial expressions.
9. Most often listen to conservation whilst engaged in an activity like writing, fixing an electric appliance or designing something on the computer etc. so next time you are sharing something and your spouse happens to be doing something don’t stop because he’s listening unless he requests for some time alone.
10. Men strive for competition during discussions he may be thinking “I will either win or lose this conversation and will try by all means to take charge and that is why they interrupt just to dominate the conversation.
Ps Eugene Fransch.(2009). Understanding our difference. Adventists Echo, p 8.9. more online at
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