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12 types of women in modern days

Just like there are as many as 12 months in a year, there are as many as 12 different types of women in the world. You might have seen a lot of stereotypes of women in the world, some would be smart, dishy and manipulative as Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) in basic instinct, while some are simple and love-struck like Julia Roberts in my best friend’s wedding.

Here’s an interesting dissection of the  twelve different kinds of women prowling in this world. Discover which is your type:

1. Miss. Gentile

or miss congeniality! Quite like Sandra bullock in the movie of the same name, this girl is a person who is all smiles radiating love all around her. Of course she has her baggage of worries and problems but that takes a back seat when you are with her. She would not let her problems affect your relationship. If something is bothering her, she would bring it up without making it a source of irritation to you. She is progressive in life and appreciates her man to think positive and be goal oriented. She believes in live and let live. She is not edgy, not pushy and certainly not pricey. She has got a way with words and can negotiate very well. You would be thankful that you have this kind of girl who is intelligent, warm and sensitive without making you feel overwhelmed. You are proud of her inner strength as much as you love her physical aspects. This girl is quite a steal, most of them are going steady but if you do manage to get her, you are the luckiest guy in the word.
How to woo her: through words, sense of humour, etiquette, your physical fitness (height and how your nose looks is not in her list) and your intelligence. She would not appreciate her guy to be dumb if she has been so successful in life.

2. Miss Best friend

she is the one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. She is the person whom you love to be with and spend time together. She is quite understanding and offers you tips and suggestion. She loves your inputs as well and mostly she will not find any faults in your suggestion. You rarely find any fault in each other, you can read each other’s minds. You like the same movies, love similar flavours in the ice cream, love the same places like the same things in a relationship, you like the same kind of people and well, you like each other. You also could have a mutual code by which you can communicate with each other and understand much to the chagrin of others.. She’s good to be with, at times even better than miss. gentle. But then therein lies the difficult part. She does not take you seriously and you take her for granted because you know she will always be there and you for her. She’s great just to hang with.

How to woo her: It is such an irony that even though you like each other, when you propose her, she would come with a bomber like, “I have never thought of you in this way. How could you even think in those lines?” you are her idea of a picture perfect’ boy friend’ not boyfriend(there is a space you see!). She might think of you as some one with whom she can share her problems, discuss pranks to be played with and laugh at smutty jokes So if you are interested in making her your dame, then you should treat as the cliché goes ‘treat her like a lady’, make her feel special. You should be flirtatious and show that you are interested in her. A best combination is if you keep the ‘lady bit’ slightly more than the friend bit. Remember every girl would love to have a best friend in her husband. Make her feel that she could have her husband in her best friend.

3. Miss for the people

No, it does not mean that she is a lay woman. She believes in equal rights and unequal wrongs. If a man does things wrong, a man has to pay for it. But not the woman because a woman will never do a thing wrong. Well that is her perception but she is a man hater. Call her a hypocrite who will harp on equal right for men and women as far as pay checks and positions are concerned but would still love a man to pay for her. She does not want today’s woman to be submissive to every man’s whim and fancy. She will be the first one to explain the relevance of international women’s day (its another thing they fight for maternity leaves and give you her version of womanhood in this century.)
How to woo her: She would definitely love a man who respects a woman for who she is. She would definitely appreciate a guy to be broadminded with a fair amount of inclination towards women’s lib. If you know something about it, great. If you have done research and are an ace on that, then you have got her..

4. Miss sexual

You should be luckiest if you get to meet and mate one of them. They are basically good human beings with outspoken views on sex. They love sex and understand that it is a basic need just like food and water. She makes no bones about wearing her sexuality on her sleeve If you know it, reveal it. If you have got the talent, do it. If you have it, flaunt it…that is the way she works. It is okay if you undress her with your eyes. She knows it all having to do with a brain because even she has one too. I mentioned somewhere up in this paragraph that she is basically a good human being. This is because she genuinely loves the opposite sex and adores passionate sex.

Miss. sexual does not look at sex to manipulate or work her way to the top. She does not use her sexuality as her weapon to get even or rise up in her life or career. She finds this kind of behaviour cheap because her sexuality is more precious to trade or compromise with. Miss. sexual has a high libido and would talk about her sexual preferences with so much fairness and as easily as someone would talk about the layers of cheese in their hot dog. Of course her frankness, her sexy humour and her libido might send most women labelling her as cheap but she cares a fart. She loves men and believes that men are not bitchy and she would be more comfortable in a man’s presence.
How to woo her: the best thing about her is her honesty. She would appreciate honesty in her guy. She hates a man who has double standards. Of course if you are a sensuous lover who can titillate, be creative and passionate with her; leave her on the edge and keep her craving for more, then she will love you more. She appreciates humour which is wicked laced with sexual undertones. This kind of a girl who is honest about herself and her sex drive is a lesser breed but if you get her, if you have got the right kind of woman.

5. Miss. In your face girl

This is the easiest of girl to understand. You will not have bother worrying about finding what is bugging her, or why is she cross with you. Double standards does not exist in her book. She does mind wooing you or asking you out. She does not have to read some silly articles on relationship or go for agony aunts. It is her life and it is her privilege to live it the way she wants. She never cared about what any body thought of her. She is an awesome communicator and after she is finished with her monologues, fiery or otherwise, others are gasping at what hit them. This is her, take it or leave. She does not believe in keeping things to heart. At times what she says could hurt you but she does not care less. If it has to be told, it has to be told. She does not like to keep things in wraps or sugar coat the matter unnecessarily. But then it is justified because in the larger scheme of things, she is fairer and simpler than less equality. She does not believe in equality of sexes but she definitely believes in calling spade a spade.

To woo her: speak like her, be like her. If you want to proposition her, you might want to charm her and then reveal that you love her, but she would not mind if you told her outright as well. You might come with replies from her like, ‘why didn’t you tell me before?

6. Miss faithful

She is the girl you want to take to mommy. Miss. Faithful is peaceful, and does not believe in speaking out of turn. She believes in inequality of sexes, she loves a man pampering her, wooing her. She is shy and reserved. Miss. Faithful could be intelligent but she will give her opinions when asked. If she is not as intelligent, she has a sharp memory. She will never hurt your feelings. She is the one whom you can rely will reply to your messages or call you back. She will be there for you. She is a girl with a soft exterior but a tough interior. She is loyal to you and would never dare cheat on you.
How to woo her: if she is loyal to you and goes out of her way to please you, you should also do the same with her. Give her reasons to smile and come with pleasant surprises.

7. Miss independent

if you are a person who believes in living and let living, you find your equal here Miss. Independent is a person who loves her space and would not appreciate any body invading it. Secondly for her, her problems and men don’t mix. She is an adult and is big enough to handles her own concerns. She would love a man as someone whom she can spend her time and life. But she does not look upon him as a need. Men can wait, it is her life and career which has to be managed properly. Tomorrow, if my man is not around, I should still be able to afford a pent house or a duplex mansion, that is her point of view.

To woo her: respect her space. Give a lot of importance to her freedom and make calls to her when she is free. She will hate the overly sensitive ‘filmy fake’ guys. She does not like men who are protective or possessive. She would rather not have a guy in her life than someone who is so sticky.

8. miss que sera que sera

This is a slight variation to the miss. Independent. She loves you a lot. She calls you every night or at a specific point in time. She says” oh I love you too, honey” but she is never uptight on decisions for marriage. This is the way she looks at life. She believes in living to the present. She is not so goal conscious. She is a great believer in destiny and fate. If things go wrong she might say, ” that is what destiny had in store for us” if things go wrong, she says, “see luck worked for us”
how to woo her;

keep the ball rolling as it is, but at some point of time, you need to tell her which way the relationship is heading. It is a tough task but then it takes a lot of talking and convincing. She is also interested in luck and the presence of a high power. You will find her curious to know about your star signs and what fate has in store for her and you, though she will accept the truth and conditions as they are.

9. Miss personality

she may not be well endowed, she may not be good looking but she has the grace which very less women could have. She has the gift of gab, she is the live wire, bubbly and energetic. Her mind works with razor sharp intelligence. She may or not be beautiful but either ways she has the crowd going her way. It could be her lovely voice, her humour, her intelligence or just her sheer being.
How to woo her: you do not require any special efforts to woo her. She is quite approachable and all you have to do is just talk and listen.

10. Miss I am human too

she is the girl who wants you to lift her up when she is down. She is moody, could throw tantrums. She is a hypocrite, she will tell lies if it is advantageous at that time or if she wants to earn some brownie points of popularity. She loves to bitch and tell you how the world is. You would find her coming out with classic lines like, “I am not that kind of a girl” or even better like “I wouldn’t stoop to such levels” or “I don’t care for money” but then she is the first one to blink her eyes and click on more links in the porn site when she is alone. She is the one who will melt on somebody who gives a diamond as a gift to her. Frankly she is not the evil one.

If that was the case then 75 percent of women would be that way because she comprises the largest scale of populace. This is more due to the upbringing and the fact that she is a lady who believes a woman has to be spice, sugar and everything nice. She is a mystery. She could laugh at the flimsiest of things and cry at the drop of the hat. She knows she can emotionally blackmail you by not talking to you or being teary eyed. She would conceal things if she thinks that it would hurt you. On a positive side, she is like you. She argues like hell if she believes that she is right. She genuinely love and cares for you but she will not like it if you hurt her self respect. So think twice about saying something which would offend her. But the best thing is that women are slowly and steadily getting broadminded and getting positive.

How to woo her: charm her, make her love herself, make her feel positive about herself, be frank with her, if there are lies or arguments which would hardly make a difference to your relationship, don’t make it an issue. But correct her if she is wrong or if her views could be detrimental. This kind of woman normally likes to invest time in a relationship, old is gold here. Show that you trust her and believe in her and she would be your true love. Frankly if you can make this kind of girl fall in love with you, you may be able to handle anyone.

11. Miss. Money bags

she wants money and fame. She is success minded driven with lust for success. She knows that she has to reach to the top, she is fiercely ambitious. She has got a calculating mind and does not mind sacrificing her modesty to come to the top. She is the person who uses men to her benefit. You might see she is evil. Hey, hold on, she is practical. Swallow the bitter pill. She is aware of the most potent power in the world-her sexuality and makes good use of it. Miss. Money bags knows that women are stronger and knows that the hardest parts in a man’s body are his weakest too. She knows that she has one life and she has to make the best of it. She believes in getting the work done.

Woo her: you have to be really practical or broadminded to understand her vagabonded ways. Chances are when you fall in love with her, it will be hard to come to terms with her ways. Be thick skinned and do not anticipate a long standing relationship. Lavish her if you can but not at the cost of being bankrupted. She is anyway clear in her mind that her personal goals and luxuries come prior to her men. Men are just the means to achieve what she wants. So make your moves according to her moves.

12. Miss romantic

she is a sweet girl who is not concerned with the practicalities and hardships of life. She has read Mills and boons all her life and knows that a night in shining armour awaits her. She has read far too romantic novels, she loves books and believes that relationships are for keeps. She believes that someone is there waiting for you.
Woo her: Make her romantic dream come alive, even if you are an Adonis or not. Tell her about how you view romance and love. Let Miss. Romantic know that you value commitment, relationships and being faithful in love. While doing this, be truthful about it because this woman can sniff lies, even though she blindly believes in love.

So you have seen the varieties of women that exist. There could be a combination or mixture of the other qualities. Some of them may be nags, some could be uptight some could be bitchy, some could be overtly possessive…but then it is up to you how to woo them and make them love you.
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