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13 ways of Understanding how women talk

13 ways of Understanding how women talk, One of the main causes of conflicts in marriage and relationships is the lack of knowledge concerning the difference between men and women. Very few spouses realise that women and men are different on many levels than the biological aspects. Understanding these differences, for example, emotional and behavioural, can improve relationships drastically. In fact, understanding our difference can help males and females complement one another within a relationship. So here are the 13 ways to understand how women communicate.

1. She speaks more quickly than a man because that’s her nature and her body makeup allows her to do so.

2. She gives a dramatic account of the facts using varied voice tones, pauses and expressions, remembering how the female class teacher used to tell stories and changing the voices of the character and explaining what each character is doing and how they are moving and what is happening at each stage of the story.

3. She prefers to speak about people, relationship and the feeling people experience.

4. She tends to be dominated by the right side of the brain, that part that deals with relationships, feeling, and the human side of life.

5. She tends to stay on the topic of the conversation until it is exhausted.

6. She frequently uses plural terms (our son, our home, etc.) because for according to her everything they own belongs to both.

7. She frequently reveals her own experience, emotions and feeling to her husband.

8. She uses plenty of attention indicators: nodding of the head, smiling, phrases of “mmm”,” yes”, and” sure”.

9. She loves to maintain constant eye contact.

10. She interprets attention indicators as a sign of interest.

11. She stops any activity to listen, remember how your partner will stop writing in class or cooking just to listen to your story and that why she gets upset when she’s talking and you are busy doing something.

12. She waits for a pause in a story to ask a question and that is why you don’t ask questions or interrupt when she’s busy explaining her experience or whatever she’s sharing with you. Just listen she will greatly appreciate

13. Women strive for connection during conversations, a woman often wants to connect with her partner on a level where both can understand and accept each other.


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