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18 Lies About Sex That Every Single Must Know

Today, there is so much confusion about the relationship between sex and love. For lack of correct knowledge, many singles have been sexually victimized. In most cases, it has been observed that girls and ladies are the most vulnerable in their dating lives.

Ladies and girls are prone to deceit from their male counterparts as well as from adults who may want to take advantage of them. Studies showed that an average girl must have had sex as a teenager. Their dates took advantage of them.

Are you a teen? Are you single, either a youthful spinster or a bachelor? Are you a parent? It will do you good to be aware of the lies that are common in all countries of the world about sex.

1. Sex is an antidote to menstrual pains. It is a lie. Menstrual pain is natural with every female; you can’t stop it by having sex.

2. Sex stops wet dream. It is part of every male beginning from puberty to have a nocturnal discharge of excess sperm that is stored up in the body. It is normal.

3. It is a lie that boys who keep away from sex will often have stomach or an abdominal problem.

4. Having sex as a teenager prepares you for a good sex life in marriage relationships. It is not true.

5. If you don’t have sex as a single, you will find it difficult to deliver babies. It is a lie.

6. There is the need to test the potency or fertility of your partner. A single test can lead you to habitual sex. Avoid it.

7. Romance is the only thing you need without having sex. Romantic acts such as pecking and fondling of the breasts will stimulate you for sex.

8. If you don’t have sex, it shows you are not mature. Signs of puberty are enough to tell you that you are ripe for sex. Don’t give in to deceit by testing your maturity through untimely sex.

9. Men hate virgins. It is not true. The best gift to offer your husband after the wedding is your virginity.

10. It is much easier to de-flower a girl than a married adult. No matter your age, you will still experience pain when you have sex the first time. Keep yourself till marriage.

11. Giving sex to a boy wins his love for you. Sex does not prove love. Prostitutes do have sex without any emotional attachment to their customers.

12. Sex is a good tool to keep your date faithful to your relationship until marriage. It is false.

13. If you shy away from sex, you are not a cute boy or a cute girl. It shows that you are not as disciplined as a youngster.

14. Having sex the first time in your virginity does not lead to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Who told you that? Don’t take the foolish risk.

15. Having multiple sex partners is part of life. That’s another lie.

16. If a girl or a boy does not demand sex, she or he does not love you. It is a lie.

17. Sex is a common thing that everybody is doing. It is not true. Some people still keep their chastity.

18. Adequate experience in sex will make the effect of rape less severe on you. It is by no means true.
Wisdom is better than folly. Generally, people may pretend not to appreciate it that there is great value in chastity and fidelity. Don’t believe lies. Take note of these lies as you go on onto any dating experience.

Grace Lawrence is a Mom who is passionate about writing on Relationships. She is an experienced counsellor. Grace is happily married to a preacher. For help on Pre-marital Sex

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