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20 Most Overlooked Facts About Sex


By Grace_Lawrence

There are various misconceptions about sex. Having a good understanding on sex will go a long way to help singles who want a date. Thus, these 20 most-overlooked facts about sex are noteworthy. 
1. If you often have strong sexual urge and you want to enjoy sex, get married.
2. Sex before marriage is not a proof of love and commitment that your date will keep you.
3. If all the necessities of life are well-catered for in your home, and yet there is no good sexual relationship, your marriage may be under the threat of emotional separation or divorce.
4. If there is problem with the sex life of a couple, it may also affect and reflect in other areas of their commitment to each other.
5. The worst thing you could ever get married for is sex. It is not advisable to get married for sex. It ought to serve as a major benefit of the bond of love that makes a spouse to be committed to the good of the other.
6. Sex is not the sole factor to determine compatibility for those who want to get a date.
7. Every man must endeavor to give sexual pleasure to his wife and not to satisfy his own desire only.
8. Because of the psychological make-up of a woman, reaching orgasm in any sexual love requires patience and selflessness from the man. Learn how to please your wife in bed.
9. Sex is to be enjoyed and not to be endured. It is food for the body and the soul.
10. If sexual pleasure is lacking in any act of sex, find out, it is often the woman that feels deprived or unfulfilled.
11. It is wrong to think that sex is to be enjoyed by men but tolerated by women. Women are not just sex symbols; they have right to sexual fulfilment. Don’t be naïve with social beliefs.
12. Is there any conflict? Sometimes, sex is a powerful tool to bring your spouse to a calm state on the bed where, with style, issues become addressed. Don’t deny him/her sex in times of conflicts. Use it to win him/her softly.
13. Denying your spouse of sex because of yesterday’s conflict is throwing away an opportunity to resolve the matter with the power of your bed, the place of calmness for talking about it.
14. Your matrimonial bed could either be a bitter or sweet atmosphere. It all depends on you rather than your spouse.
15. As a woman, your heart must be involved in sexual relation so as to please your husband. Don’t have sex with a sense of duty just to satisfy his urge. Be involved. Men love women who are active in bed.
16. Good sex involves two hearts and two bodies fusing into one at the highest possible plane of enjoyment called orgasm.
17. Sex is healing. It is a natural therapy for the body.
18. It is not proper to have habitual approach to sex with little or no foreplay.
19. Foreplay is the starting point for your wife before the sex.
20. Sex is good.
These 20 facts about sex are vital to good relationship.
Grace Lawrence is a Mom who is passionate about writing on Relationships. She is an experienced counselor. Kenny is the leading author and owner of WikiLovelife. She is happily married to a preacher. Visit her blog at wikilovelife for Love-making Tips and Sex Secrets

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