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20 Tips For Training The Mind On Positive Thinking

Yes, the power of Positive Thinking has become a mainstream in our psychological mainstay these days. It has been something that people have been discussing and researching for decades now. And, if you really think about it, it is in fact the one staple in every successful person in whatever they accomplish.

The problem is, as humans we live by our emotions, by our beliefs and our feeling. This is just a natural human nature. It what makes us human, it’s what separates us from any other living creature on our planet. But, we all know that there as many positive uplifting beneficial emotions and thoughts as there are negative self-defeating emotions.
So, how can we separate the ones that empower us versus the ones that will bring us down? Here are some good simple tips to start you on the right track to a much more rewarding path that is more gratifying and as well as assist us in more towards that life that we see others have and we only wish for.

1. Wake up and smiles and cheers:

The entire day is determined by how you start your morning. If you are able to welcome it with energy and positive spirits, you are on the right track. You don’t want to ruin your whole because of the start. So smile! Force yourself, be determined to do it. It is something simple but does take efforts but it is worth it.

2. Mentally asking yourself for help and support will prove to connect with a higher purpose:

Whether you are religious or not, or what ever religion you are, only God or Fate knows what happen on the day ahead of us. This energy will appreciate the time of praying or meditation and asking for guidance. It only takes a quick moment, seconds, really but it will be powerful in the outcome result. Also, have faith in your surrounding energy, be it a God or another form of spirituality, you will find that whatever it is, it is more than willing to grant your desires. With this as our guide, there is no reason not to ask and believe in the thoughts that you can turn around your emotions or your feelings. You can make it through the day, nothing is impossible. Change you minds to another energy or power and you will find it with you.

3. Prepare your day in advance

The best way to eliminate mistakes in the day that will create an unconstructive output on your day, which become negative thoughts, it is to plan day first; and then, work your plan. Be sure that the days goals are plainly defined and immersed in your moment by moment thoughts. This can be done and is recommended to be done prior to going to sleep or at least as you get out of bed. This will help in avoiding addressing immediate issues as they arise because you can maintain your focus on your goal.

4. Stay focused on important things, not the small fires:

Create goals and priorities of what to think and do. Visualize doing your plan. Create a strategy for handling problems. Focus on the things that have to be taken seriously, but also, be sure to take time and relax and enjoy your time, whenever. This way, positive results are likely to take place.

5. Do not be attached to the outcome

Life is like a Ferris Wheel; often, you are on the top, and often you are at the bottom. Basically, there will be moments where some things will not turn out how we wanted it to. Do not get disturbed or distracted if it doesn’t go as planned. Having said that, do your best in everything you do at all times. Keep focused on integrity and things do turn around. Don’t get attached on the possible results. This will only cause frustration and upsets, resulting in distraction and lack of focus.

6. Always attempt new things and challenges, continue to grow:

Look for and view learning and changes as great opportunities. Changing attitudes in perfectly alright and altering routines. Just be sure they are for the good and improvement of you personally as a person and what you do. Attempting new things could involve thinking of more options for you project, meeting different contacts from different locations, doing lots of inquiring. By doing this, your run of thinking is guided towards improvement and negative thoughts will be eliminated.

7. Control your wishes:

Our world these days is a place of pleasure and pain, gains and losses, light and dark, love and hate, male and female. This is what we call the cycle of life. We should never expect or even want all the good things in life at the same time. In love, there is usually someone who hurts. In riches and wealth, there’s people who are not fortunate. Gratitude and moderation is the key and once again, don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

8. Face Reality:

Be sure that your dreams and goals are something possible. Hoping for something to happen which is truly unlikely, will only bring you disappointment and frustration. For example, weight loss. You have to set a realistic goal and plan on reasonable measures with realistic time periods to achieve them.

9. Stay focused on your mental and physical health:

Know your limits and yourself. You are the only one who can tell who you really are. Know your passions, morals and principles. Schedule quality time by yourself reading, listening to music, relaxing, napping, etc.. Knowing yourself completely, you will be aware of your limits physically, mentally and emotionally.

10. Love you and you and you

Know will love or adore someone who does not love themselves first, it is always you who needs to love yourself in the beginning. Believe in a positive commitment to yourself, to learning, to work, to family, to friends, to nature, and other important areas in your life. Praise yourself as much as you praise others. When you are feeling comfortable and confident with yourself, positive emotions and feelings will naturally come to you.

11. Humor and Laughter:

Always try to incorporate having fun in your life. Finding the brighter side of life begins with entertainment and joy. Laughter is know as the best medicine, especially for negativity. If your illness is physical or emotional, a laugh and a giggle can help eliminate self-defeating emotions such as anxiety, disappointment, or nervousness.

12. Keep lists of goals and action plans:

Find tools to always remind yourself of the things you want to accomplish and the plans to undertake in order to complete each one. By the time you are clear of your goals and your life, a strong mind and ability will exist in you.

13. Surround yourself with positive people:

In every room, workplace, classroom or anywhere you go where there are groups, look for the positive ones. They do exist everywhere. Associate with them, schedule time with them, hang-out, discuss issues with them. They can help build your self-confidence and self-esteem. The saying goes “You are the sum average of the people you most associate with”. Their positive attitudes and results will rub off on you.

14. Ask questions, make it a habit:

Eliminate the thoughts that is considered dumbness and ignorance; in fact, it is associated with be a learner and a person who is always looking to grow and improve, wanting more information and understanding matters clearly to you. More knowledge, there is more power.

15. Always live life being open:

Always accept that you don’t know everything. That we are always learning and seeking information everywhere we go and with every person we meet. Do not close your minds to original thoughts and information that comes our way. Your mind is spacious that it is impossible to learn to much. Therefore, accept things that will help you be a better and brighter you.

16. Trust other people:

It may seem unusual and chancy to trust just anyone, but when you believe in them or are confident in what they do for you, suspicions and negative judgments in them will not exist. It will also bring a much more harmonious relationship with you and your equals.

17. It is important to forgive and forget:

Mistakes and errors are the root to negative thinking. If we learn to let go of all the agony, pain, anxiety and fear that we keep inside our hearts and minds, then there’s nothing to block our clear thoughts and goals from being expressed. Forgive yourself and others for committing mistakes and then quickly forget them.

18. Learn from all yours and others experiences:

Focus on not only learning in the classroom but also from learning outside it. At school, you learn the lesson first and then take a test. But, outside the classroom, you often take the test first before the lesson. Real life is the test, is our experiences. If we failed in that test (the experience is not good), we examine the situation and then learn the lesson. This is life, we can avoid committing the same mistake twice, if we truly did learn the lesson after the failed test.

19. Be sure to be aware of and count your blessings:
Clearly know what you in fact truly have rather than what you don’t have and what you want. Focusing on that you did not get your desires only brings discontentment and disappointment that will only waste our time and take you down a negative path. This is true in life, personal and professional. Rather, always try and be thankful, grateful and appreciative with the blessings you receive.

20. Be prepared to kiss your worries away:

Before going to sleep at the end of the day, do not keep the bad experiences and disappointing moments that happened in the day for you. Get rid of them, eliminate the thoughts and memories, throw them in your imaginary trash can and kiss them goodbye. Have a pleasant restful sleep, dream sweetly. And when a new day unfolds, new hope arises bringing positive outlook and motivating emotions. Keep believing. Keep your faith strong.

Remember, it is all in your thoughts, take control of them. Do not become a prisoner of them or a victim that is helpless. As easily as they entered your mind, they can be replaced. If you choose to stay in them, sitting in a self-defeating state, then that is your choice and you are the only one to blame for what is happening. Turn your negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs into something effective and productive, something that inspires you to move towards your goals and dreams. Take action now.

I hope this has been of value to you. And I look forward to hearing about your successes.
As always, here’s wishing you Great Health and Great Wealth, whatever that means to you.Grant O’Kane

Asili Zambia’s best Comedian

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