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5 Qualities Men Find Attractive in Women – Sexy Things He Craves About You

There is definitely no doubt about it. We all agree that women are all beautiful — they’re different in their own special way and they never fail to make us feel good. That’s why men go crazy over them. They’ve lovable, charming and definitely someone worth pursuing. But hold on — men do have certain standards when it comes to the women they like as well. They long for that someone from the female herd who can stand out and catch their attention — and get attracted at last. Now, here are the top five qualities men find attractive in women — find out how many you have!
 Sure, a man longs for a woman who he can protect and care for but he  also loves it when his woman projects poise and have a great amount  of confidence in her. She should love herself and be comfortable for  who she is. No trait can be more lovable than that.
 Acting like a damsel-in-distress may seem cute for you but for most  men, they’d rather not start to baby-sit you anytime soon. Independence  is a very sexy quality in a woman — it means you have a brain of your  own and can make decisions and stand firm in them.  
 It’s a little bit weird how some girls would try to act dumb and stupid  just so they can catch a guy’s attention. No wonder guys don’t take  them seriously. Most men would aim for a woman who’s smart and who  doesn’t take crap from anyone — now that’s what we call femininity  in the very sense of the word.
Feeling good inside and out will not only make you more relaxed and  comfortable being you — you start becoming more appealing and attractive  to guys. Have you ever wondered why most women who have big insecurity  issues can’t seem to get lucky with men? Bingo. There’s your answer.
 Of course, any guy would wish for a sweet and romantic girlfriend. If  you just sit there all day staring at each other, you might as well  just stay in bed and sleep all you want. Take time to be cheesy with  guys — they love it when a woman takes matter in her own hands and  initiate intimacy for a change. They see it as a very sensual and sexy  female characteristic.
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