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6 Traits Men Adore In Women

Women are unique beings. They make life worth living and add colour to their environment. Have you ever thought of a world without these beautifully endowed creatures? I wouldn’t want to imagine it because I know it will be one very boring and torturous experience.
Just like their names, faces, shape and finger prints are different so are their traits, worth, value, dreams, desires and goals. Some are very enthusiastic about life, relationships, careers etc. while others don’t care a hoot about such issues. In any case, each group has men who doff their hats for them.

However, the majority of men seeking for women who are embellished with the following 6 best traits.


Patience is a virtue not a vice. It is the ability to endure delay or provocation without getting upset. It is also the capacity to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties. A woman that is patient exudes strength in the face of delay, anger, exasperation etc. She can tolerate delays knowing they are not denials; she is diligent, and composed. She is not easily irritated; like love she endures all things, bears all things and can be stretched to any limit. She laughs in the face of provocation and stands by her man during his trying times. She encourages her man and bears him up when his faith is failing him. A patient woman is a goldmine, if you find her, hold her tight, don’t let her slip.


A responsible woman is one who sees opportunities of service and responds to them quickly. Within her lies the ability to turn stumbling blocks to stepping stones. She is a great asset to her man because responsibility is a vital ingredient to a successful life. She is reliable and can be trusted with information, assignments etc. A responsible woman is efficient and effective; she sees a need as an opportunity to serve and sets out to meet that need! Her man is not perplexed with the load of family responsibilities for he has a help-mate. She is a good definition of two good heads are better than one.

3.Goal Oriented and Principled

This is a woman that is focused, has her eyes fixed on a destination and nothing deters her from reaching the goal. This woman knows her mind is the major capital she needs to venture in any endeavour so she works on her mind – feeds her mind with the right materials and heads for the top. She is not gullible or easily taken in rather she is ethical, coordinated and well-acquainted with things that has to do with her dreams and goals. She doesn’t run around aimlessly, she always aims well and hits her target timely. She works gently but steadily and so arrives always at the stipulated time.

4.Accommodating and Considerate

Here is a friendly, considerate, co-operative and generous woman. She is not selfish, even in “bedmatics”, she thinks of her partner’s feeling and satisfaction first. She is attentive to his needs, amiable, benevolent and pleasant to be with. She doesn’t create excuses for failing in her duties rather she is always handy and quick to apologize and make amends where she missed it. She is not ruffled by her man’s impromptu decisions or actions because within her she has made room to accommodate them before they occur.

5.Romantic and Sensual

Her dressing is clean, modest and beautiful. She understands men are moved by what they see but this doesn’t drive her to nudity or immodest dressing. She is a complete woman! She satisfies the sensual and emotional needs of her man. She knows which keys to play for her man in the bedroom to get him reeling with laughter, joy, excitement and satisfaction. She is all round beautiful and trustworthy. She is honest, submissive and has good sense of humour; she knows her man is not looking for a mother, an aunty or elder sister rather a soul mate, helpmate and a friend. She incorporates all these roles but exhibits that of friendship and soul mate to her man. In her, he finds the services and input of a mother, sister and an aunty; yet she is his wife, friend, lover and confidante.


This is reliability, sensibleness, prudence and sagacity. Maturity of a woman is not in her age or size for age is just a number and size is but a figure. The maturity of a woman is in taking responsibility, it is in being able to spot stuffs that need to be attended to in the life and business of her man and going all out to get them done. It is in her helping her man stand tall as the helpmate she is created to be. A matured woman is therefore a responsible woman irrespective of her age, status and qualification. She is the joy of her man.

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