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7 Qualities Of Supportive Friends

These qualities of a good friend can alert you to people who will encourage your dreams, try to stop you from a fall, and be there when you really need them.


1. Willing to tell you the truth

You want a friend who is willing to tell you the truth because their opinion can save you from a lot of trouble. You don’t always have to follow a friend’s advice or see things the way they see them.

But, if they sincerely feel you could be better off with a tip, you want them to at least make the initiative to offer it.

Some of us have friends that let us crash and burn only to later claim they saw it all about to happen. And, for some of them, we understand that the reason was simply a fear of offending us. A good friend who is fearful of hurting your feelings might need a little encouragement.

You can always share with them that it is okay to express thoughts they feel might save you from an otherwise inevitable burn in life.

2. Considerate of your feelings

A good friend looks for ways to lift you up. So, of course, one of the qualities of a good friend is their willingness to say things that lift you up and make you feel good.

3. Says good things about other friends

What someone says about other “friends,” they could easily say about you. A friend who is nice to all of those he or she considers a friend is more likely to treat you fine as well.

4. Aims for self improvement

A person who aims to take the moral high road in their life is going to be concerned about how they treat the people in their life, which you can benefit from.

5. Is there when times are tough

Having someone there to stabilize you when you are at your weakest point is a blessing. This is one of the of the essential qualities of a good friend.

6. Encourages your dreams

A good friend sees you as a potential success. That does not mean that they can’t give you a reality check as far your responsibilities and current talent level are concerned. But, it does mean they think that the best things are possible for you and they would love for you to see yourself this way as well.

7. Leads you to take the moral high road

A good friend doesn’t sit by when you are making a mistake that can lead to great pain, nor do they encourage it. A good friend gives you advice that saves you from the worst mistakes and would rather not stick around to see you take your first step towards a fall.

In searching for friends, you want to look for qualities of a good friend, not just qualities which entertain. These are qualities of a good friend that can save you from yourself, lead you to be better, and move you forward in life. being happy and green happy habits: Balancing your life for the most dramatic and powerful changes. Receive updates on new organic joy articles by clicking this link and following the simple instructions.

The Best To You.


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  1. Great article! I think it's difficult to find good and supportive friends so we should appreciate the ones we have 🙂

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