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9 types of men

Have you ever wondered what kind of men are out there in the dating world? Well, you’re not alone. Many women have asked themselves the same question and tried to figure out how to deal with different types of men. In this blog post, I will share with you my personal experience and observations of 9 types of men that I have encountered in my dating journey.

Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive list and it is based on my own opinion and perspective. It is not meant to offend or stereotype anyone.

1. The Player. This is the type of man who is always looking for the next best thing. He is charming, charismatic and knows how to make you feel special. He is also very good at hiding his true intentions and playing with your emotions. He will date multiple women at the same time and lie to them all. He is not interested in commitment or settling down. He is only interested in having fun and getting what he wants.

2. The Commitment-Phobe. This is the type of man who is afraid of commitment and intimacy. He may have been hurt in the past or have some unresolved issues that prevent him from opening up and trusting someone. He will avoid labels, exclusivity and serious conversations. He will act hot and cold, send mixed signals and keep you guessing. He will make excuses, cancel plans and disappear for days or weeks. He will never be ready for a relationship and will always keep you at arm’s length.

3. The Nice Guy. This is the type of man who is kind, respectful and considerate. He is loyal, supportive and attentive. He will treat you like a queen and do everything to make you happy. He will also respect your boundaries, communicate honestly and compromise with you. He is looking for a genuine connection and a long-term relationship. He is the type of man that every woman dreams of.

4. The Bad Boy. This is the type of man who is rebellious, adventurous and unpredictable. He is confident, assertive and dominant. He will challenge you, tease you and make you feel alive. He will also break the rules, take risks and live on the edge. He is not afraid of confrontation or conflict. He is looking for excitement and thrill. He is the type of man that every woman fantasizes about.

5. The Workaholic. This is the type of man who is obsessed with his work and career. He is ambitious, driven and successful. He will work long hours, take on extra projects and strive for excellence. He will also neglect his personal life, social life and romantic life. He will prioritize his work over everything else, including you. He will have no time, energy or interest for a relationship. He will always be busy, stressed and unavailable.

6. The Mama’s Boy. This is the type of man who is overly attached to his mother and dependent on her approval. He will listen to her advice, follow her rules and do whatever she says. He will also compare you to her, expect you to act like her and treat you like her. He will have no boundaries, no opinions or no identity of his own. He will never grow up or stand up for himself or for you.

7. The Cheater. This is the type of man who is unfaithful, dishonest and disrespectful. He will cheat on you with other women, lie to you about it and blame you for it.
He will also gaslight you, manipulate you and make you doubt yourself.
He will have no remorse, no guilt or no accountability for his actions.
He will never change or stop cheating.
He will always hurt you and betray you.

8. The Narcissist.
This is the type of man who is self-centered, arrogant and entitled.
He will love himself more than anyone else, including you.
He will also demand attention, admiration and praise from everyone around him.
He will have no empathy, no compassion or no regard for your feelings or needs.
He will belittle you, criticize you and make you feel inferior.
He will never admit his faults or apologize for his mistakes.
He will always be right and always be superior.

9. The Clingy One.
This is the type of man who is insecure, needy and desperate.
He will cling to you like a leech, suffocate you with his presence and smother you with his affection.
He will also text you constantly, call you frequently and stalk you online.
He will have no hobbies, no friends or no life of his own.
He will depend on you for everything, expect you to do everything for him and make you responsible for his happiness.
He will never give you space or freedom.


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